NDC Infotech specialise in installing and configuring secure networking,  secure wireless networking solutions and  secured firewalls.  We install and configure hardened operating systems and can provide your business with Internet filtering and monitoring, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions as well as intrusion detection and prevention capabilities

Some of our advanced security solutions include:

Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing
Our security team can attack your organisation's network the way that a malicious hacker’s would and uncover any deficincies in your security configurations.  We then work with you and assist you to address any security vulnerabilities or weaknesses within your systems.  Any security reviews are kept 100% secured by our staff, protected at all times by a minimum of 256 bit encryption.
Vulnerability/Security Assessments
Our security team can audit your network, your security and user policies and highlight any weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Wireless Leakage Analysis and Security Assessment
Are neighbouring businesses or individuals using your wireless network?  What are others downloading on your network?  We can analyse and hack your wireless network to identify if your wireless networks are as secure as the should be and then assist you in securing your wireless networks from any attack.
Corporate Social Engineering Assessments
Have your staff fallen for a social engineering attack?  What is social engineering?  NDC Infotech can provide remote testing of your employees to analyse their security awareness and how they respond to the ever increasing non-technical attacks, such as social engineering methods.

Security Awareness Training
NDC Infotech provides on or off-site training of your employees to increase their security awareness, their knowledge of your security and user policies and protect the information assets of your organisation. Your staff will also be educated on how to identify and respond to non-technical attacks, such as social engineering methods.

NDC Infotech's Security team leader is the ex IT Security Mangager of one of Victoria's largest Government Departments, and has over 19 years Police experience.

What training do our staff have?  Our staff have undertaken the CPTP course with Mile2® and have undertaken training in EnCase® Forensic Software.

Our staff work daily in an enviroment which is subjected to constant hacking by individuals and we are constantly working to ensure that the systems we are responsible for in that enviroment meet the strict requirements of the Government client.

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